Enter The Labyrinth- Chill Vibes

So, chill songs are not really my strength. I’m more the funky, uptempo, make-me-wanna-dance kinda vibe. But @mpact_lor challenged me to do a chill set, because he likes to ease into the morning vs. my Danga’s Workout Plan mix. 😑

Hope you guys enjoy! If you like any of the mixes or just want to show love, make sure to LIKE the mix on SoundCloud. There’s also options to comment throughout the mix, so if you’re feeling an edit, let me know! Or if one of my transitions was wack.. comment that I need to tighten it up a bit. Remember to be kind! I love constructive criticism, but I’m human too! Definitely not perfect, but always learning and growing (and in this mix, I definitely have to work on beat matching slower songs 🥴).

Thank you for tuning into the Sound Labyrinth and letting me guide you on your way.

Remember: Tuesdays at 2 is when the mixes goes LIVE!


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