#2 - I am READY

I am a collection of all my ancestors, 
my mom and dad who made me, 
my family who raised me. 
I am all my teachers who have taught me, 
all the books that have guided me, 
all the music that moves me. 
I am all the pioneers who came before me, 
all the dance teams I have practiced with, 
all my friends I have grown with. 
I am every style that has pushed me, 
every competition that has challenged me, 
every performance that has showcased me. 
I am every place I have traveled to, 
every school I have taught in, 
every student I have shared with. 
Everyone I know and every choice I have made 
has prepared me for this next chapter. 

I am ready.

Song on rotation:  "Encore" by Jay-Z

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