Multiple Sclerosis is an unpredictable and often disabling disease. It does not have a cure. 

I’m not sure what my life is going to look like in the future, but if there is anything you need to know about me is that I AM A FIGHTER.  I make it an intention to fill myself with positivity because that’s the only way to overcome any obstacle. I can cry and scream at the universe for bringing this into my life, but I am better than that.  I think there is a reason for this challenge, and I am looking forward to the lessons that will make me a stronger person.  



I will be accepting donations through PayPal and Venmo.  Proceeds will be used to:  
1) help offset my current/future medical costs and treatments.  
-Current treatment costs  
-Future treatments for the upcoming year  
-Lab work  
-MRIs and other tests  
-Insurance premiums 


Any contribution would help with my journey.  If money is not in the cards for you right now, you can also help by sharing my page.  I hope you can continue to fight with me and follow me on this journey. You can follow me on IG: @_danga_dang 

Thank you in advance for your support and contribution.  I am forever grateful.  

Direct donations are also accepted through:  


Venmo: @DangaDang