#5 - I am LOVED

Let the healing begin 
Open up and let the love flow in 
Let hope and joy come and destroy your suffering 
Let the healing begin 

Some people are blessed to find their BFF in this lifetime, their partner in…

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#4 - I am a TEACHER

You inspire me 
The way you make me feel inside is amazing 
You're honesty and artistry is engaging 
You are everything I hope to be. 

Four years ago, I closed the door to professional dancing and opened the door…

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#3 - I am FREE

Freedom! Freedom! I can't move 
Freedom, cut me loose! 
Freedom! Freedom! Where are you? 
Cause I need freedom too! 

The Beginning Stages of MS 

Stage one- CONFUSION 
In the earliest stage, you might experience new symptoms you've…

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#2 - I am READY

I am a collection of all my ancestors, 
my mom and dad who made me, 
my family who raised me. 
I am all my teachers who have taught me, 
all the books that have guided me, 
all the music…

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#1 - I am a FIGHTER

I can see the sun coming up 
And I need it 
I feel like I’ve been down for a while 
They said the grass was always greener 
But you know I haven’t seen her 
I feel like I’ve been

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